About Me

My name is Oliva Del Rosario. I was born on an island and raised in southern California. 

I have always enjoyed reading travel magazines and watching movies filmed in gorgeous locations! By the age of 13, I knew I'd be traveling the world!

My photography shows beauty in simple ways.  I capture images of people using natural light and shoot at different locations. People's faces and their stories and environment make each photo unique.

Lush gardens and being in nature has always been a comfort to me. My flora and fauna photographs are truly about the moment. After the flower/plant has beautifully blossomed, another season approaches and growth continues.

When I am overseas, my senses revel in the discovery of the landscapes and people! The scents, the colors, the clothes, textiles and architectural wonder make the eighteen hour flights worth it!

As we live life, there is always beauty or something compelling before us. Thank you for taking the time to view my photographs. 

Cheers to life and living!


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